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Our customers receive more than just professional security services. Get real-time visibility, insight and analysis of security operations in the palm of your hand with GlobalTrac.

Why People Choose GSMA Security

The Top 5 Reasons to choose  Global Security Management Agency to Protect Your Business

  • 1. One-Stop Solution

    As a full-service security management provider, Global Security Management Agency is a one-stop source capable of managing all of our clients’ security needs.

  • 2. Unique Effects-Based Approach

    During our two decades of leadership and innovation in security services for the public and private sectors, we developed a proprietary effects-based approach that synchronizes business needs with a proactive response to threats towards people, property and processes.

  • 3. Extensive Training and Screening

    We provide extensive training and screening of security officers in accordance with current industry best practices. All potential employees submit to a five-part selection process that encompasses a thorough psychological screening, criminal and economic background investigation, narcotics screening, aptitude screening and compatibility screening.

  • 4. Management Responsiveness

    Our senior management team is always available to clients. This is a premier service feature that involves having management representatives available 24 hours a day to make staffing, contract or pricing decisions immediately.

  • 5. Competitive Pricing

    Pricing for our services is very competitive and scalable to meet any client’s needs.

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